CCC is an empowering place promoting healthy relationships and discouraging unhealthy dependencies. We are people dependant on the grace of God. We welcome people and help one another through life as we follow THE WAY of Jesus. Each of us use our talents and abilities as a way of loving God and loving our neighbours.


Our Mission

To grow by God’s grace beyond brokenness while trusting God to use us to help others do the same. Reliant upon the Word of God (the Holy Bible) we’ve been seeking to understand the precise niche which Christ Community Church has been positioned by God to fill in Welland in this our 35th year of ministry.  We have observed in our environment a great many unhealthy dependencies.  Often, well meaning people try to make a positive difference in the world but unknowingly feeding into existing patterns of unhealthy dependencies in the lives of others.  These are people who have come to depend upon everyone else to do for them what they are able in greater and lesser degrees to do for themselves, by God’s grace.

Christ Community Church - Seven C's Christian Child Care Centre

  • CHERISH: We value and respect each child as God’s most treasured gift.

  • CONNECT: We value the family and encourage healthy family relationships.
  • CREATE: We value a safe learning environment which is essential for children to flourish.
  • COACH: We value the importance of teaching life skills at an early age.
  • CHALLENGE: We value the ability of each child to reach their fullest potential.
  • COMMEND: We value and support a positive approach to child development and learning.
  • CELEBRATE: We value each child’s unique place within their family, community and the world.

Come sing and rejoice with us.

Come sing and rejoice with us every Sunday from 11 a.m- 12 p.m. Here at CCC we believe that the word of God should not only be heard but sang out loud. Enjoy the medley above by our own Don Cormier, Sammy Santarrella, and Rev. Robert Martin…

Helping Celebrate Recovery

On Sunday June 28th 2015 Christ Community Church hosted a Celebrate Recovery service lead by our Family Worker Sandi Day with the help of her Celebrate Recovery team. The service had performances by Don Cormier, Sammy Santarrella, and Rev. Robert Martin; along with guest speaker Barb Heidman who everyone affectionately calls “Momma”


Rev. Carson Culp message on Sunday May 30th revolved around three very important but often neglected words. Listening, Leaving, and Laughing we are all aware of what these words mean but do we truly understand and experience them in are everyday lives?

Do we take the time to listen? Do we leave the things that aren’t good for us aside? Do we laugh and enjoy the small things in life? Yes there will be pain and heartache in our lives but the happiest souls listen,leave, and laugh again and again. 


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